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This Year in Bald Fantasy Football

It wasn’t a great fantasy football season for those who played teams filled with bald players. While bald kickers dominated, with three of the top five sporting extreme baldness, the rest of the positions did poorly.

Aside from Matt Schaub, no bald player cracked the top 10 for their position at WR, RB, TE. Injuries to Matt Hasselbeck and Vince Young didn’t help things, but primarily it was the fact that bald players tend to be older, and their skills are in decline. Still, if bald pride forced you to play an all-bald roster, you may not have won your league, but at least you kept it real.

For 2011… Who knows where Vince Young, Donovan McNabb will end up, but if any of them land on solid rosters in need of a quarterback (Vikings, Raiders, San Francisco, etc.) they might put up some respectable numbers. And with Wes Welker still recovering from knee surgery, he might be back to his old form next year, and considerably balder. So 2010 may not have been the best year for bald fantasy football, but next year promises to be better, especially if Drew Brees continues to thin on top.

2010, a recap:


  • (9th) Matt Schaub – Texans – 300 pts.
  • (21st)  Donovan McNabb – Redskins – 165 pts.
  • (26th) Matt Hasselbeck – Seahawks – 138 pts.
  • (33rd) Vince Young – Titans – 81 pts.

Running Back

  • (26th) Michael Bush – Raiders – 124 pts.
  • (27th) Felix Jones – Cowboys – 123 pts.
  • (38th) Ricky Williams – Dolphins – 85 pts.

Wide Receiver

  • (18th) Marques Colston – Saints – 138 pts.
  • (23rd) Wes Welker – Patriots – 121 pts.
  • (24th) Derrick Mason – Ravens – 117 pts.
  • (37th) Chad Ochocinco – Bengals – 100 pts.
  • (42nd) Hines Ward – Steelers – 87 pts.

Tight End

  • (31st) Daniel Fells – Rams – 43 pts.
  • (34th) Jermichael Finley – Packers – 37 pts.


  • (1st) Sebastian Janikowski – Raiders – 150 pts.
  • (4th) Matt Bryant – Falcons – 135 pts.
  • (5th) Josh Brown – Rams – 132 pts.


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