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Tiger Wood’s Ex-Wife Losing Her Hair

Elin Nordegren, who recently divorced Tiger Woods, revealed in an interview with People Magazine that the stress from the past eight months has caused her hair to fall out in clumps.

Stress is a common cause of hair loss and she’s been under plenty of late. The two divorced Monday, months after the sordid details of Tiger’s infidelities came to light. Tiger has returned to the course, but his golf game has suffered in the months since he checked himself into a treatment facility to cope with sex-addiction.

Tiger hasn’t had many opportunities to tip his cap to the gallery after great shots, but when he has he’s revealed his own dramatically receding hairline. This divorce has been terrible on their family, Tiger’s golf game, and their hairlines. As the stress of this subsides, Elin’s will grow back. But for Tiger, who’s already fighting genetics, the future is looking pretty bald.


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Tom Brady is Channeling Justin Bieber

Tom Brady has been busy this offseason… busy copying Justin Bieber’s look (related article). As Donovan McNabb (and his receding hairline) practice with his new Redskin teammates, and Matt Hasselbeck (baldness remains) takes snap behind a new offensive line, Tom Brady combs his quaff in the mirror in hopes of mastering the Bieber-look. With so much focus on his hair, is he paying any attention to football? If you’re a Jets fan you’re hoping not.

On the other hand, perhaps he’s hoping to draw power from Bieber’s style. There’s no logical explanation for Bieber’s success so perhaps he’s hoping to a similar hairstyle will give him super powers. It certainly isn’t because it looks good.

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Best Way to Hide Baldness

Finally, there’s a head cover that will truly hide baldness. Not only does it cover your head, but unlike a bandanna, toupee, or a flat cap it doesn’t call out to everyone, “I’M BALD UNDER HERE!” The miracle of Undercap Head Underpants is that they completely divert attention away from any thought about your baldness. Instead, everyone is left wondering, “Holy crap, is that guy wearing underwear on his head?”

You’re not though. You’re wearing Undercap Head Underpants. It’s a great cover-up, and it gives the person who’s sensitive about his baldness the support he needs. It’s a great gift for yourself or a bald friend. You can buy them from Archie McPhee for $11.95.

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Wigs & Weaves for Babies

Apparently bald men aren’t the only ones who are supposed to feel insecure about their lack of hair. Baby girls who haven’t grown long, luxurious bangs are sometimes mistaken for baby boys and this is so upsetting there’s now a product to fix it. Baby Bangs is a disturbing new business that makes fake hair for baby girls.

Is it better for a parent with a new baby to answer questions about the gender of the baby, or is it better to answer questions about why your baby wears a wig? You be the judge…

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Is Enrique Iglesias Going Bald?

The answer is Enrique Iglesias is definitely going bald. Here’s the evidence:

1. Enrique Iglesias never appears in public without a hat and he never performs without one either. Why would a man with a full head of hair do that?

2. In the most recent photos from when he did show his hair, he was already resorting to combing his hair forward, a classic cover for the receding hairline.

3. In an interview with the Daily Mail, he refused to take his hat off indoors, saying, “No way. I like it. Girls usually like it, too. It makes me more mysterious.” Perhaps, but it also makes you appear less bald.

4. Genetics cannot be defeated. As the son of Julio Iglesias, he may have inherited the musical talent, but he also inherited the hair gene. Please note the hair plugs. Perhaps Enrique will someday inherit his father’s sense of humor about it. Julio was once quoted saying, “You don’t find me too bald, do you? Old, and bald, and with a belly?”

5. In a fan forum on his website, fans claim he just wears it because he likes it. Really? Name another famous performer who wears a hat who isn’t bald? Fans can delude themselves if they want, but the bald truth is hidden under that cap. Enrique – take your hat off. You are one of us and nobody’s looking anyway as long as you have Anna Kournikova on your arm.

For more evidence, check out Balding Celebrities, a site dedicated to outing bald celebrities.


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Rush Limbaugh and Elton John?

Aside from baldness, Rush Limbaugh and Elton John have very little in common. The conservative firebrand has routinely criticized gay rights groups, but it didn’t stop Elton John (wearing his best toupee) from performing at Limbaugh’s June wedding in Palm Beach (article). What reasons could Elton John have that justify performing for someone who is so anti-gay? It turns out he has one million reasons and they’re all dollar bills.

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Tim Tebow Is Bald

Tim Tebow may be the greatest college football player ever, but doesn’t mean he won’t receive the standard rookie-treatment now that he’s in the NFL. He can thank his Broncos teammates for the new hairstyle.

Football’s golden boy showed his classic humility in allowing the friar-style haircut. It’s yet another halo over Tebow’s head. Special thanks to teammate LenDale White for sending this photo out via his Twitter page. He followed it up with a tweet warning USC’s starting quarterback he’s next: 3 years away for you Matty “Golden Boy” Barkley.”

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