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HeadBlade Signs NBA Player Al Harrington

HeadBlade, makers of specialty head shaving products, have signed NBA star Al Harrington as its latest pitchman (article). They’ve previously used Chuck Liddel, Howie Mandel and John Salley.

Making bald cool has never been easy, but their new commercial features the bald basketball star cruising around in a yellow sports car (video link). That’s some street cred.


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Jeff Feagles, NFL’s Oldest Player, To Retire.

New York Giant punter Jeff Feagles is expected to announce his retirement Friday, ending a lengthy NFL career.

In addition to being the oldest player in the NFL, Feagles may also be the most durable. The bald punter never missed a game during a 22-year career.

While playing for the Patriots, Eagles, Cardinals, Seahawks, and Giants, Feagles amassed over 40 miles in punting yardage.

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Rap Legend Guru Dies of Cancer

Guru, one of the greatest bald rappers of all time, passed away Monday. The legendary MC had been battling cancer for over a year (article).

He will be best remembered for his part in Gangstarr, including such hits as Just To Get A Rep, Full Clip, Above The Clouds, and The Militia. His album Jazzmatazz, in which he blended his lyrics with jazz music, was an unexpected classic.

He is survived by his son. Guru, you will be missed.

“Full clip / Why you want to mess with death? / Gangstarr baby / One of the best yet.”

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Coach Krzyzewksi Does NOT Wear A Toupee

Every time Duke’s men’s basketball team plays in the Final Four the same debate arises, distracting viewers from the actual game–Does Coach Mike Krzyzewski wear a toupee?

No. The legendary coach of the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team is not a baldy. He does not hide his shame with false-hair. And even though all the Coach K haters out their insist on it, he does not wear a toupee.

But wow! It sure does look like it. I mean it really looks like one. Toupee designers may even use his hair as a template for their most popular models, because it really does like a toupee. If you opened catalogue of toupees, I’m sure there’s a model called “The Coach K.”

For years I was convinced it was a rug, but recently I’ve noticed a bald spot developing in the back of his head. If a guy had a toupee wouldn’t he extend the rug to cover the bald spot? Or, is the master strategist simply conceding that little bit of baldness to distract from the full rug covering the front? Is it all an elaborate ruse?

All I know is that any man who can win that many national championships with so many white guys could clearly fool all of America into believing that thing on his head is his real hair. I think it is.

Follow this link if you want to play “Celebrity Toupee or Not Toupee.”

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David Cross is not Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

The Lord giveth the bald, but the Lord taketh away the bald. On this day (April 4, 1964) in Bald History comedian David Cross entered the world. Fifteen years to the day later, Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto life ended upon his execution.

Though they never met, both shared a common characteristic–baldness. Aside from that, it’s hard to find much that connects them, except that both have gone out of their way to make enemies.

For Bhutto, most rivalries were political in nature. After a military coup, Bhutto was hanged after being convicted of having a political rival murdered. On the other hand, David Cross has saved his energies for attacking President George W. Bush, and especially his comedic rival–Larry The Cable Guy. That rivalry hasn’t ended in death, but it did lead to a very curt letter by Cross.

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