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November 19th in Baldness

On November 19, 1998, Kenneth Starr, accompanied by his combover, appears before the House Judiciary Committee to present evidence against President Bill Clinton, a man with much thicker hair.

San Francisco Giants’ right fielder Barry Bonds (pictured here doing his best Serena Williams impression) won his record 4th consecutive MVP award (7th overall) on November 19, 2004. Cheaters do win.

James Garfield, 20th president of the United States, was born on November 19, 1831. Not really the most popular guy to hold office, but definitely a bald one.


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Woody Harrelson Shaves Head For The Troops On Colbert Report

During a recent episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert shaved Woody Harrelson’s head. In honor of the troops, both sang the Star Spangled Banner while Colbert worked the clippers.

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Andre Agassi Wore A Hair Piece

Perhaps not as shocking as his crystal meth revelation, but tennis star Andre Agassi recently admitted his iconic mullet was a hair piece. The legendary  tennis star used smoke and mirrors, dozens of bobby pins and a tight headband to keep his rug in place, not easy when playing tennis.

Why someone would grow a mullet is beyond reason, but it’s even more incredible that someone would don a mullet toupee. I guess image really is everything.

Check out this video of David Letterman presenting Agassi with his mullet wig and Agassi’s explanation of why he wore it.

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