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Robert Novak Dead at 78


Political commentator and journalist, Robert Novak, died Tuesday at the age of 78. The “Prince of Darkness” had been battling brain cancer since 2008. Like, Novac, his impressive combover is probably in a better place now.

Best known for his Chicago Tribune column and for co-hosting crossfire, Novac loved the journalism profession. However, in recent years his journalistic reputation was tainted by his involvement in the Valerie Plame leak case.

Generations of political junkies swore by or swore at his opinions. And anyone who watched him on crossfire was drawn to the certainty of his convictions as well as the absurdity of his hair.


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Who You Gonna Call… Again?


Dan Aykroyd recently announced filming of Ghostbusters III will commence soon and that he and fellow baldy Bill Murray will play their accustomed roles in it (related article).

It’s been a lot of years since Ghostbusters II. The cast has gone their separate ways. Murray was nominated for an Oscar, lost more hair and had his wife walk out on him. Aykroyd puttered around Hollywood, developed his own brand of vodka and purchased some hair plugs.


But now they’re back and the Internet is abuzz with questions about the script and whether Rick Moranis will still co-star.

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A Blank Canvas

A toupee isn’t the only thing you can use to cover up that bald head. Many proved this at the 2009 Tattoo Expo in Seattle (article).


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Derrick Mason Returns!


Claiming he has “burning desire” to compete, Derrick Mason returned to the Baltimore Ravens only weeks after announcing his retirement. The Ravens leading receiver last season, Mason called it quits immediately after the murder of his close friend and former Raven Steve McNair.

The Ravens are ecstatic to have their leading receiver back, but his return is also a boon to all of us who stack our fantasy football roster exclusively with bald players. His stats will come in handy this year, as will a return of a healthy Matt Hasselbeck and hopefully a rejuvenated Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson.

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Kelsey Grammer Marries Up

Kelsey Grammer married former Playboy model Camille Donatacci on August 2, 1997. Despite his advanced age, history of substance abuse, pudgy body and bald head, Grammer proves that being rich and famous trumps all.

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Happy Birthday Dom DeLuise

Dom DeLuise acted in such films as The Cannonball Run, Blazing Saddles and dozens of others. He also wrote children’s books, cookbooks, and did voice acting. And he was tight with Burt Reynolds. In addition to being bald, he was also fat, proving that two strikes doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out.

Plus, he’s hilarious, as you can witness in this Tonight Show clip in which Johnny Carson cracks a raw egg on DeLuise’s bald head, then in his pants… and, well… it’s pretty funny.


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St. Ignatius of Loyola Was Bald… and more.


St. Ignatius of Loyola died in Rome on July 31, 1556. Founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuit order of Catholic priests), Ignatius essentially created an order of super-monks, something akin to the Navy Seals of Catholic priests.

Texas Ranger pitcher Nolan Ryan became the 20th major league pitcher to win 300 games on July 31, 1990.


Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman was also born on this day in 1912. An ardent opponent of Keynesian economics, Friedman preferred a more Laissez-faire approach to the economy. His birthday is also designated as Friedman Legacy Day. Not much of a party.

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