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Michael Jackson Was Bald!

One of the details not gaining much notice in Michael Jackson’s leaked autopsy report was that the King of Pop was bald (article).


Speculation about Jackson being bald soared after his head was burned badly during a pyrotechnics mishap while filming a Pepsi commercial in 1984 (link). However, talk of his baldness waned over the years as the media focused on his legal troubles, money problems and bizarre behavior.

Jackson succeeded in drawing attention away from what was obviously a wig by switching his skin color,emaciating his body through anorexia, and having the bridge of his nose dissolve.

Basically when you take on the appearance of a freak show and your entire life turns into a carnival of  fiasco and legal troubles the public will tend to overlook your baldness.

But let’s not overlook his baldness. For all his faults and Wacko Jacko weirdness, let’s remember that one of the most talented entertainers in the history of mankind was a bald man. And when his estate hits the auction block, I hope somebody bids on his wigs. You could place them in a museum beside the prosthetic hairpieces of Frank Sinatra, Liberace, Bing Crosby and Axl Rose.




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Stephen Colbert Goes Bald

Stephen Colbert

While taping an episode of The Colbert Report in front of troops in Iraq, Stephen Colbert had his head shaved by bald General Ray Odierno (clip)

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Mike Holmgren

Super Bowl winner football coach and former Rogaine pitchman, Mike Holmgren, was born June 15, 1948.


Nicknamed “The Walrus” for his sweet mustache, Holmgren is also a football genius who gets the most out of his teams… except for last year with the Seahawks.

But most importantly, and I say this because I stood in line behind him at a local restaurant the other day while he waited for a table with his grandkids… Holmgren seems like a really nice guy.

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Ken Kesey Embarks on Great Journey


The Merry Pranksters, led by Ken Kesey, embark on their cross-country road trip in a brightly painted bus, 1964. It was alleged part of the merriment was the result of drug use.


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Bruce Bowen Is Dirty

Bruce Bowen

San Antonio Spurs guard Bruce Bowen, one of the dirtiest and most physical defenders in the NBA, was born on June 14, 1971.

You have to love him when he’s cheap shotting Kobe Bryant, but his dirty antics annoy the hell out of you when he plays you’re own team… except for the time he gave Wally Szczerbiak a facial.

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Charles the Bald

Charles the Bald

When he was born on June 13, 823, he became heir (one of a few) to the French thrown and was known as Charles II. But when he became Holy Roman Emperor he attained the title of Charles the Bald!

Not Charles the Great. Not Charles the Builder. He was Charles the Bald. Some allege his title was made in irony because he was so hairy. Some say it was because he had so little land. But more likely it was because he was really bald and his reign was not much to write home about.

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Marv Albert

marv-albert MARV ALBERT

Marv Albert, sportscaster, toupee wearer and pervert was born on June 12, 1941.

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