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May 15th Birthday Baldness

If you are bald and May 15th is your birthday then you are in good company…

Counterculture icon and activist clown Wavy Gravy was born May 15, 1936. The bald clown has so much hippie cred that Ben & Jerry named an ice cream after him.


Boston Red Sox pitcher John Smoltz, born May 15, 1967.

emmit smith used to play football

Before Emmitt Smith scrapped his integrity for Dancing with the Stars, he was one of the greatest running backs of all-time. Before that, he was born on May 15, 1969.

Ahmet Zappa and Selma Blair

Ahmet Zappa: Singer/actor/Game show host/ son of Frank Zappa/and ex-husband of Selma Blair, born May 15, 1974.


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Ralph Steadman Born, Later Goes Bald

Ralph Steadman is bald.

Ralph Steadman, cartoonist and illustrator, was born on May 15, 1936. Best known for his gonzo illustrations that perfectly matched the writing of fellow baldy Hunter S. Thompson, Steadman’s body of work is far more vast.

He had an innate ability to perfectly capture a person or event, while maintaining his own unique style. Steadman was one of the few caricaturists whose work reflected that President Gerald Ford was bald.

Gerald Ford by Steadman

Now that you know Ralph Steadman is bald, you’re probably wondering if Oprah’s companion Steadman is bald.


Well… it’s a little thin, but bald? Judge for yourself.

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Ty Cobb Was Bald


Baseball legend Ty Cobb entered the stands on May 15, 1912 to beat a heckler.

Ty Cobb Babe Ruth

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Frank Sinatra Puts Toupee to Rest Forever

Frank Sinatra was bald.

On May 14, 1998, legendary entertainer Frank Sinatra died at age 82. Now that he’s dead, it’s probably safe to say that when he did it his way he did it while wearing a toupee.  His mob friends can’t come after us for saying that can they?


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Compensating for Baldness with Ronnie Coleman

Men fear their baldness makes them appear less powerful, less confident and less attractive. To compensate for it, some seek riches, buy sporty convertibles, and adhere their toupees to their scalps with industrial grade adhesives. Others turn dark and brooding, attempting to look mysterious beneath their imported Spanish fedora, but instead looking more like Freddy Kreuger.

Ronnie Coleman is bald

Ronnie Coleman draws attention away from his bald head by becoming a meat-head

And then there’s the method of American bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman (born: 5/13/1964).

In the face of male-pattern baldness, an anguished Ronnie Coleman looked in the mirror and said “Super-size Me!” Through intense workouts and a rigorous steroid regimen (alleged), Coleman won a record 8-consecutive Mr. Olympia crowns.

But was all the posing and flexing simply Coleman’s competitive spirit, or was he attempting to draw attention away from his balding head and towards his enormous pectoral muscles, bountiful biceps, and the wedgie riding up his strange, misshapen, spaghetti-like buttocks?

Big Ron Coleman's Butt


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Sir Thomas Lipton Invents the Tea Bag

Before FOX News organized the Tax Day Tea Party protests and TV news pundits began misusing the word “tea bagging,” someone first had to invent the tea bag.


That man was Sir Thomas Lipton, a bald man born on May 10, 1850.

Lipton turned his invention into a massive tea empire and put much of his fortune towards sailing and his many attempts to win the America’s Cup. His good sportsmanship during his failed attempts to win the America’s Cup earned him the title of “World’s Best Loser.”

Sir Thomas Lipton

Also on May 10th…


Most people know Shel Silverstein as the author of some of the best children’s books ever (Where the Sidewalk Ends and Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back). But did you know he died of a sudden heart attack on May 10th, 1999?

Or, did you know that he wrote the songs Boy Named Sue (popularized by Johnny Cash) and Freakin’ at the Freaker’s Ball (Dr. Hook). He also drew cartoons for Playboy. And he was bald. Quite the renaissance man.


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Snoop Dogg, Beatings and Blunts

Snoop Dogg in a shower cap

Of all the people who have been beaten up at a Snoop Dogg concert, only a few sued the legendary rapper. Of those, only a few sat down with the rapper, smoked blunts, and discussed  a cash settlement. And of those, only one collected $400,000 in damages and is writing a book about the whole incident. That man is Richard Monroe Jr.

And he is bald.


The incident started innocently enough. Monroe was at a Snoop Dogg concert in 2005 and rushed the stage so he could give his favorite rapper a hug. What ensued was a vicious ass-stomping by Snoop’s entourage/bodyguards/posse/crew. Stomped and beaten, dragged backstage and left naked in a pool of blood, Monroe basically had the living hell beat out of him.

YouTube Footage

But despite the major bummer he experienced, Monroe remains a Snoop Dogg fan (related article).

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